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3 Ways to Clean Stainless Steel Cookware

hen you are in the kitchen, you can’t-do cooking without a Stainless Steel Cookware. It is a handy item in the kitchen. You can brown meat with a Stainless Steel Cookware without getting worried about the food quality.

The steel won’t ever affect the food health. But the problem begins when it is time to clean it. It doesn’t have food release ability as a non-stick cookware has. Food just gets stuck on the cooking surface. So cleaning is a little bit arduous task.However, you can make it easy if you know some tips to clean the cookware. Here we will give you some tips for Clean Stainless Steel Cookware.

Simple Method To Clean Stainless Steel Cookware

If get that there are burnt food sticking to the cookware then you have to soak it with warm water and then add a little detergent and wait for a few hours. Then pour away the water and scrub the pan with a scouring pad.

If you get heat stains, you can use baking soda to get rid of it. Pour the pan a little and then rub it with a cloth. You can make a paste of baking soda and get rid of the heat stains quickly using the paste.

How To Get Rid Of Water Spots

If the water contains mineral with which wash the cookware, then the cookware will get water spots. When you just wash your cookware and then leave it to dry, the water spots occur. When the water gets vanished, it makes some spots on the surface of the pan.

So what to do for getting rid of the problem? Well, the easy solution is to wipe the pan with a dry cloth every time after washing it with water. It will surely prevent the problem. If this process doesn’t work well, then soak the pan in vinegar first and then wash it as you did before. And you have solved the water spots problem.

clean stainless steel cookware in kitchen

Three ways to clean stainless steel cookware in kitchen car.

How to Get Rid Of Tough Burnt Stains

If your cookware has tough stains from burnt food, then normal cleaning process will not work for you. Also soaking may not be the perfect solution for getting rid of these tough burnt stains. You have to pour the cookware with water and then boil it for 15 to 20 minutes. After that scrub it with baking soda.

The process didn’t  work? Okay here is another solution for you. Pour a little amount of vinegar to the bottom of the cookware. Of course, make sure that vinegar covers the whole cooking surface. Now pour water and boil it for 15 to 20 minutes. Then scrub the pan and get it thoroughly neat and clean.

Some people also use salt instead of vinegar. If you want to use salt, you have to pour the pan with water then put it for boiling. And add the salt when the water is boiling to prevent the surface from pitting. Lemon juice is another solution. It is effective to get rid of tough stains.

So you have got some tips that will make the cleaning of your Stainless Steel Cookware easy. Now let’s know about how to use and take care of it.

Don’t Use Carbon Steel Brushes

If you use carbon steel brushes for Clean Stainless Steel Cookware, they will leave particles embedded on your cookware surface. So don’t just think about using it. Instead of steel brushes, you can use nylon brushes or nylon-net scouring pads. They will do a great job for you.

Don’t Dse Metal Scouring Pads

Metal scouring pads remove tight food spots from cookware excellently. But I recommend not to use them because they will make scratches on the surface of the cookware and permanently damage it. Instead, use a regular scour and that will also work great if you follow the cleaning tips.

Don’t Use Strong Abrasive Cleaners

Reliable cleaners like chlorine bleach or ammonia-based cleaners will clean your cookware very well, but they also damage the steel. So highly recommend not use these kinds of filters. Use regular cleaners like baking soda and vinegar. A natural cleaner like lemon also does a great job.

Following these tips will help you to keep your cookware neat and clean and also prevent it from getting damaged. So just give these fantastic tips a try and see what happens.


How to clean kitchen cabinets

Picking up the kitchen is the never-ending story. After each meal, you have to start over. Here are 3 steps- how to clean kitchen cabinets help you organize tasks, save time, and turn kitchen cleaning into a rewarding and fast routine.

Keep your kitchen in order even though a pitched battle is taking place, just follow these professional tips!

Whether you’re a kitchen addict or just a lover of good food, you’ve probably seen a kitchen show on TV. Have you noticed that the cooks are constantly cleaning and removing the utensils they no longer need when the food is prepared? When they finish cooking, the worktop is always clean.

The best professionals use this technique: they are cleaning and picking up on the go. Follow their advice and try to do the same. 


Step 1: Wash the utensils

First, while you are cooking, wash the utensils. That you no longer need or place them directly in the dishwasher. Store ingredients after use. Clean surfaces and cutting board after putting ingredients to cook. Replace the cookbook in place. You will thank yourself when the meal is over.

After serving the food, fill the pots immediately with water and add a drop of Fairy Platinum. While you eat, soak them in the sink; Cleaning will be much easier.

During the meal, gradually remove what is no longer going to be used. Take the starters when you go for the second course, and remove the dishes and the dishes from the second course when you go for dessert. Do not go anywhere with empty hands. In this way, when the meal ends there will be many fewer things to remove and the table and surfaces will be picked up in the blink of an eye.

Step 2: Clear the worktops

Clear countertops allow efficient and quick cleaning without having to move things from side to side to pass the cloth. Follow the rule of storing all possible utensils on shelves and cupboards so surfaces and countertops are clear.

After all, not everyday we use the pasta machine or the strainer. Leave what you need on a daily basis and place on the highest shelves or less accessible places that you do not use so often. Make sure that the table is completely cleared after each meal to be able to clean it in a moment. Other things worth considering are:

  • Hold the knives and scissors in a magnetic bar stuck on the wall and store the spices on a shelf next to the stove. The kitchen utensils should be stored in a drawer under the stove and the oil and water bottles in a low cabinet.
  • Create a box for email and other papers and place it on a shelf. Set a day of the week to review the content.

If you need more space in the kitchen cabinets, separate the crockery, glasses, and cutlery you use less and look for a different place to store them.

Step 3: Establish a weekly plan

Some tasks need to be done at each meal, but others are only needed once a week. Set a day for each weekly task, so you reduce the work and the kitchen will always be clean. Group the tasks according to the cleaning product you need, so you do not have to repeat the same action twice a week.

Proposal of weekly plan

  • Mondays scrub the floors.
  • Tuesdays remove the dust with the best microfiber mop.
  • Wednesdays check the refrigerator and shelves and discard any expired products or food in poor condition.
  • Thursdays they clean the worktops, the stoves, and the sink.
  • On Friday’s order mail and papers.

The weekend is best spent to have a good time with the family

How to clean kitchen cabinets

How to cook with stainless steel cookware

Cooking with stainless steel cookware is easy and simple. Unlike non-stick utensils stainless steel does not involve any harmful chemicals. Though always known as a stick cookware but the health benefits it offers makes us forget time consumed in scouring pots and pans.

Stainless steel cookware has been a traditional and most preferred way of cooking. Be it vegetarian food or non-vegetarian and even kinds of seafood like fish curry taste like no other when cooked using stainless steel utensils.

Stainless steel cookware can be used as a nonstick one with a little greasing and be controlling the burner flame. There needs to be some limit set for the amount of food on a stainless steel utensil and the burner temperature to help the cookware stay clean and nonsticky.

Steps on How to cook with stainless steel cookware

1- Make the stainless steel utensil a nonstick one:

Just add a few drops of vegetable oil or cooking spray before beginning the cooking process and let it stay on low flame until it shows fizz. Voila here is your nonstick stainless steel utensil ready.

2- Use lid:

When you need to cook hard food items allow some time on low flame with lid on. Use an air venting lid for better benefits.

3- Keep stirring:

For stir fry or little cooking just stir with a ladle until it cooks. If you leave on the flame it may get sticky from a bottom. Gentle stir and keeping the motions recurring every few minutes prevent the sticky bottoms.

4- Maintain a controlled temperature:

Do not rise to high flame for quick cooking as it causes stickiness and burns. Just keep between low to medium flame and stir in between.

5- Let it cool down:

Do not switch off and try to take out food immediately. Just allow some time for the utensil to cool down on itself and keep the lid on. Then when it cools the little sticky food items on the bottom also come out. Leaving clean utensil base.

6- Soaking:

For after every use, keep the stainless steel utensil soaked in water. It makes the cleaning easy and stress-free. Do not keep it drying outside for long as it will make the cleaning difficult.

7- Washing:

Use a non-abrasive soap and scrub especially for stainless steel utensils or when putting in the dishwasher just scrape off the food particles completely.

8- Wiping:

Stainless steel utensils show water drop marks so for keeping the shine of cookware wipe it after every wash or allow the heated dry option of a dishwasher to stay on.

How stainless steel cookware is better than nonstick or hard anodized as Teflon coating in nonstick is toxic and unhealthy. Stainless steel does not have any such toxic coating. Especially for children as these toxic coating can leave a lifelong impact so better to use stainless steel cookware.


How to choose perfect electric smokers for cooking barbecue

Electric smokers offer the easiest and most effortless way of smoking. If you are looking a smoker that will mainly smoke your lovely meat with the classic flavor, then you must go for an electric smoker. Electric smoker offers you a real set and forgets procedure in smoking meats.

Unlike other smokers, you can just put your wood chips in the reservoirs and left it until it is done. With the built-in thermometer, it becomes easier to smoke meat or fish.

Even, you don’t have to look at the smoker for just once. All you need to do is to fill the wood box with chips and start to smoke. The built-in thermometer will keep an optimal temperature and maintain the smoking going on till it becomes too tender for being a perfect steak of meat.

 Why Electric Smokers are too easy to use:

Electric smokers have a built-in thermometer. So, electric smokers can easily maintain an optimal level of temperature. That’s why the piece of meat becomes well tender and juicy.

The wood box is spacious in the electric smokers. And, you don’t need to get tensed about the woods to be burnt over.

The smoker leaves a sweet aromatic fragrance of the wood chips. Completely safe if you have children at your home. As electric smoker doesn’t produce real fire in it. Easy to use and an electric smoker would be perfect for you if you are a too busy with your other works.
Comes in compact sizes that comfortably fit your height.

Now, you’ll inevitably ask that how you should understand which the best smoker or which will meet your preferences.

When you are going to buy an electric smoker, there are few things that you’ve to keep in mind that.

The materials of the smoker:

It is most important for you to know that what kind of material it is made with. There are different types of the smoker for making different dishes like grilling, just smoking or both.

So, depending on them, the materials are different sometimes, and that makes the huge difference in the materials which are used to make different models.Watch it carefully, for which type of smoker you need and what will you make with it. 

The kind of door of it:

There are different types of electric smoker models has the different type of doors. While some have front doors, then the others have side doors. Also, some have glass doors, and others are concealed. These are not differently made for the different purpose, more than they are of different designs.

You better look at the design you are looking for.

The size of it:

As you see bigger smokers in the market are not the only smokers that exists. So, you can quickly think about the sizes of the smokers.  Get that, what you are looking for. Just search more keeping the budget in your mind.

What kinds of food that’ll make:

In different smokers, you’ll be able to smoke different types of meats or even vegetables too. And, also know more about the wood consumption of your smoker. Just know before you are going to buy the smoker.

These are the reasons; you need to keep in mind before choosing or buying a perfect electric smoker.Also, there are different types also comes in various designs. Also, there are two types of electric smokers like,

1.Horizontal smoker:

2.Vertical Smoker:

Final Verdict:

Buying the best electric smoker is not a tough task like you are thinking now. When you are going to buy an electric smoker, keep in mind which points I had described before. But, check and double check the necessities and what a smoker will be able to offer you.  Take your time, like it takes to tender the meat in the smoker and buy it.
Happy meat-smoking.

How to choose best cookware material

We are living in the 21st century, from ancient time till now our cooking styles have been changed rapidly with respect to times. A number of cookware manufacturers appear to be developing every single day.

And also the selection of pans and pots is huge along with supplies through different items like stainless steel, metal, lightweight aluminum as well as a copper mineral. 

Therefore along with all of this in your mind how can you choose the best cookware material although maintaining affordable? The solution would be to understand precisely what you need before you decide to purchase. The bottom line is what this means is you’ll want to understand sufficient regarding best cookware material to help you to make the best choice.

Now it is a question how to choose best cookware material for our daily use. Before purchasing cookware for our daily use, we need to consider few things in our mind, these are:

Warm Conductivity for best cookware material

A few alloys are much better warmth conductors compared to other materials. For example, a copper mineral is really an especially great warmth conductor while stainless isn’t. What this signifies when it comes to cookware is actually how the much better heat conductivity the greater and also the much more equally the food may prepare.

Additionally, it implies that whenever you change heat upward or even lower the actual copper mineral cookware may respond much faster towards the heat compared to stainless still cookware.


The total amount a person purchase your own cookware will in all probability be considered an identifying element in exactly what you get purchasing. The actual guideline along with cookware would be to purchase the greatest you are able to pay for.


A few kinds of cookware may preserve their own appearance and keep going longer compared to other people. Stainless is actually regarded as among the best in this regard.


It is true that a few alloys respond along with particular foods. Lightweight aluminum, for example, tends to respond along with tomato with other acidic meals. Which means that the food can, in fact, soak up a few of the steel, therefore be mindful together with your cookware options and make sure that you know about the reactivity of every item.


You should not possess to sparkle your own cookware every evening simply to maintain this searching great after that you will have to think about the quantity of upkeep necessary to maintain this within a tip-top form. Copper mineral and metal cookware usually need a substantial amount of function to maintain this searching perfect although stainless still is usually a little simpler to maintain.


It is another important factor for choosing cookware. Most of the manufacturers are trying to produce good cookware with safety features. It includes the safety valve, handles, and rivets. If you think about a pressure cooker, then you will have to think about a safety valve. A good safety valve in a pressure cooker can bypass extra steam from your cooker.

Final verdict

Nowadays people are busy with their jobs and business. They have a lack of time to spend in the kitchen. Modern best cookware material can help a lot to prepare our food rapidly. It is a good idea to think about it before purchasing.

10 Essential Kitchen Tools Need For New Cooks May Stock

If you’re a newcomer in the kitchen area or even you’ve quietly embarked away by yourself, producing some meals — particularly wholesome types — could be irritating should you don’t possess the correct resources.

These days we’re likely to find out about the ten essential kitchen tools that are necessary to enable you to get through at least one within the kitchen area. So you will be ready to continue the actual mission of creating your first dinner in the home.

A person doesn’t need to purchase all items at the same time. You can ultimately build up kitchen gear with time, gradually changing away wrong gear about brand new things. Accumulating some resources which seem comfy for you personally may take period as well as depends upon your requirements and spending budget.

Now I am going to discuss ten essential kitchen tools; these are given below:

Chef’s knife

It might be attractive to purchase a whole prevent associated with kitchen knives or even some different designs, dimensions, as well as edges… and when which floats your vessel, really feel free of charge. 

However, if you’re searching for probably the most value for your money, I’d opt for the natural chef’s knife. It’s ideal for reducing anything you will need to like a newbie. Also, this retains your kitchen area easy and minimal before you genuinely require the actual range.

Cutting board

If you wish to look after your kitchen knives (and your counter-top tops), you’ll need a cutting board. This particular can make moving meals through exactly where a person reduce this for your skillet as well as container quite simple (just get the actual panel together with your meat/veggies onto it as well as the stroll to your stove). Also, it retains your own chef’s knife crisper concerning a longer time of your day.

Non-stick pan for cooking

Many people choose stainless still. Other people want non-stick. You should use all of them on the stove, about the range best, as well as on the barbecue grill.

Marinade Container

A little marinade container is necessary to make such things as sauces and salsas as well as cooking or even piping-hot veggies.

Lightweight aluminum Cooking Linen

They are the actual linens that many individuals take advantage of to make snacks. They’re additionally ideal for roasted vegetables as well as cooking such things as poultry and seafood. Roasted provides the broader number of tastes as well as textures for your everyday vegetable consumption.

Measuring Spoons with Mugs

If you’re following quality recipes and also you don’t possess calculating gear, exactly how on the planet will you make certain you’re placing the best quantity of Chemical substance By inside your formula about ideal young girls?


We didn’t possess a set of pliers. We had attempted to make use of 2 forks, cut stays, or perhaps a spatula to switch my meals. As well as although this proved helpful, this created these types of duties a lot harder.

Heat Proof Rubberized Spatula

The rubberized spatula may be the greatest combining device during our humble viewpoint. Ideal for connecting anything, and when a person departs this inside your pot/pan accidentally, this won’t dissolve into the food as well as wreck this.

Steel Turner

Steel turner is an essential kitchen tool. It is beneficial when we use an oven for warming foods. Iron turner helps to turn out boiled eggs on pan or fish.

Kitchen towels

It is used for Safeguarding both hands in the kitchen. There are various types of kitchen towels in the world market. We can easily buy a kitchen towel according to our requirements.

It is true that modern kitchen requires more tools than I have discussed, but these ten essential kitchen tools are essential for our daily use.